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A Few Words About Us

At Cana Distributors, we believe in Artisan beverages. Our focus has always been on wineries, distillers and producers who are keen on producing travelogue products - products that are able to transport the consumer to the places where they were produced. These beverages not only reflect a place, but also a sense of the soil and history for the products.

With over thirty years of experience purchasing from the United States, Argentina, France, Italy, Spain and other countries, we have amassed an exciting collection of alcoholic beverages and drink enhancers. We are proud to represent not only traditional producers, but also "cutting edge" producers. As specialists in these products, we market our beverages to fine restaurants, hotels and independent retail stores in Michigan.

Much curiosity regarding the origin of the Cana name has arisen from our customers. The story behind our name is one steeped in miraculous historical significance. It was in the ancient city of Cana in Galilee that Jesus Christ, our Lord & Savior, performed His first miracle by turning water into fine wine.
Read about it! John 2: 1-11

We are proud of our craftsmen, and are privileged to work with so many talented and interesting people.


Making Wine
Wine Toasting
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